Book Review: Desperately Seeking Seduction by Heather Boyd

About the Book:

Title: Desperately Seeking Seduction

Author: Heather Boyd

Series: Scandalous Brides

Page Length: 213

Publication Date: April 18, 2023

Synopsis: Born female, but living the whole of her life as a male, Dane Winston has stumbled into the employ of Lord Stratford, youngest brother of the Duke of Ravenswood. As his valet, she can barely keep the chatty lord on schedule…nor can she keep his hands off her person, once he discovers her true gender. The only thing more surprising than his attention is how much Winston enjoys it. But their dalliance must be short-lived. As she navigates a house party where certain guests are keen to cause trouble for the duke, she discovers trouble of her own in the form of jealous servants…and someone from her past she hoped never to meet again.

Lord Stratford Sweet has returned home to find his deceased father has left the duchy in dire financial straits. As he scrambles to help his eldest brother, the new duke, hide the extent of their insolvency from a houseful of guests, he certainly needs no further distractions. But he finds one in the form of his new valet, a man who looks too young, too soft…too good in a pair of breeches. When Stratford discovers her secret, keeping Win in his employ could cause a scandal the likes of which the estate can scarcely afford. But the more he learns about Win, and the uncanny connection they share, it may be a scandal he’s willing to endure…forever.

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My Review:

This is the second book in the Scandalous Brides series, but it can definitely be read as a standalone. The story follows Lord Stratford, the youngest brother of the Duke of Ravenswood, and Dane Winston, a woman posing as Stratford’s male valet.

Win has lived her entire life as a male because of the scheming machinations of her mother. As an adult on her own, Win finds it easier to pose as a male in a man’s world. She’s a compelling character with a heartbreaking backstory, and she has worked hard to become independent and self-sufficient going from town to town and job to job before her disguise is revealed. Since Win is a hard worker and really good at her job, things go quite smoothly, until Stratford figures out Win’s ruse.

Stratford is another interesting character. An accomplished artist, he is not the easiest person to serve, and he’s known for being late, disheveled, and unabashedly charming. I thought he was great, and I loved the growing relationship between him and Win. They have so much chemistry, and once her identity is revealed, the sparks really fly! However, both know if they are found out, it could cause a major scandal, which would tarnish them both. Win is used to leaving before the going gets tough, and Stratford doesn’t need any more entanglements, but they can’t deny how they feel. Theirs isn’t a high-stakes romance, but it does have its share of obstacles, and I was curious how they would resolve some of the lies and deceptions made.

I also liked the secondary characters, especially Stratford’s brothers and a few of the other houseguests in attendance. The relationships between Stratford and his brothers intrigued me. They are all so different, yet they are united in their support and love for each other. Like Win, the brothers didn’t have the kindest upbringing, yet they remain deeply connected to each other and the land they are working so hard to save. And I’m really curious about Stratford’s other brothers, especially the brother with children and a missing wife. His story sounds super intriguing!

Special thanks to NetGalley and Heather Boyd for providing me with a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

The romance.

  • The brothers.

Favorite Line:

Running away never silences a yearning heart.


  • secret identity
  • forbidden romance
  • house party

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