Book Review: Compromised by Amber Night

About the Book:

Title: Compromised

Author: Amber Night

Page Length: 248

Publication Date: June 1, 2023

Synopsis: Victorian England, 1846.

Her name is Felicity White. She has been compromised. Declaring her a stain upon the family, her aunt makes one last attempt to find her some position better than the workhouses. Felicity leaves London to become a maid at a remote estate on the Cornish coast, where rock drops sharply into sea.

She longs to put the past behind her. To make amends. But Trueth Manor is a grand and desolate place. And her new employer, Sir Perran Wiles, is the most striking sight. A recluse. Not really a knight. And also: not white.

Yet that is almost incidental to what he truly is. Temptation. The greatest risk for her to fall from grace entirely. Perhaps to fall much deeper still than this.

It is the way, with cliffs.

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My Review:

A quick and steamy historical romance, Compromised follows Felicity White as she embarks on a new job at Trueth Manor after being compromised. Felicity becomes a maid for the enigmatic and reclusive Sir Perran Wiles, and as she adjusts to her new life at Trueth Manor, she must also face her growing feelings for the closed-off man who offers his body but not his heart.

Felicity is a young and innocent protagonist who quickly becomes intrigued by her older boss. Though they are very different, the pair also have quite a bit in common, and they connect on such a deep level. Both struggle with feeling less than worthy, and Perran has no desire to marry, so their future is quite unclear. On top of that, the prejudice he faces because of the color of his skin makes him reluctant to enter into a relationship with Felicity. However, their attraction is undeniable.

The story sheds light on the bigotry of society and is shown in how the townspeople, religious figures, and even people who helped raise him treat Perran. Their poor behavior, harsh judgments, and overall ugliness contrast Felicity’s sweetness, naivete, and lack of judgment well.

I liked how the changes at Trueth Manor parallel the changes in Felicity and Perran’s relationship. As they grow closer and become more positive and optimistic about life, the house slowly transforms from dusty, unused, and lifeless to a home with warmth and life. I also loved the setting. The lands that surround Trueth Manor sound breathtakingly beautiful, and the author really brought the setting to life with lush and vivid descriptions. It was a lovely backdrop to the story.

This is my first book by Amber Night, and I thought it was a unique and steamy romance. Whew, do Felicity and Perran have some sizzling chemistry! I had to wipe the fog off my glasses when I read this one! lol The ending felt a little rushed, and I kind of wanted Perran to grovel a bit more after what he put Felicity through, but overall, it was an enjoyable read!

Thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The romance.
  • The setting.

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