Book Review: The Highlander’s Enchantress by Violetta Rand

About the Book:

Title: The Highlander’s Enchantress

Author: Violetta Rand

Page Length: 200

Publication Date: May 29, 2023

Publisher: Entangled

Synopsis: If her cruel and domineering father were to be believed, Kali Bane is the worst of women. Defiant. Independent. Were it not for her beloved younger sisters, she would have sought her freedom long ago. When she refuses to wed an old, wine-soaked English lord, her father bans her to the McKay clan in the Highlands, warning them that she’s a witch.

There is no welcome at the McKay castle—only an aging laird prone to fits of temper who believes that Kali is, in fact, a witch. A sorceress. Here she is little more than a hostage, kept from sight from almost all but Adam McKay, the laird’s son, whose hypnotic green eyes make her long for something forbidden. It’s almost enough to make her abandon all thoughts of escape.

Kali is the only one who can protect her sisters from their father’s greedy machinations. But the longer she remains imprisoned in the McKay tower, the more Kali and Adam realize there are other forces at play. They’re both pieces in a silent, terrible game that could destroy everyone they’ve ever loved…including each other.

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My Review:

The Highlander’s Enchantress is the first book in The House of Bane historical romance series. It follows Kali, a young woman who is banished to the McKay clan for refusing to marry the horrible man her abusive and ruthless father chose for her. Kali is determined to return home to protect her younger sisters from her father’s wrath, but the longer she remains on McKay lands, the more she falls for the people who live there, especially Adam, the future laird and eldest son of the current laird.

Adam and Kali know they have no future together, but they can’t help their feelings for each other. She is imprisoned in the McKay castle, and he is forbidden from spending time with her. However, both defy the rules, and the more they get to know each other, the harder it is to deny their connection.

Adam and Kali are both interesting and well-developed protagonists, and I enjoyed their love story. They have terrific banter and chemistry from their very first meeting, which I loved even more when I learned of their shared past when they were children.

Kali is strong and opinionated and stubborn, and even though she has suffered tremendously throughout her life, she still remained positive and selfless. I thought she was really brave, though I didn’t always understand her actions, especially when she put her life in danger for no reason. Adam is a swoon-worthy hero who loves that Kali is so outspoken and fiery. She keeps him on his toes, and she challenges him, which is exactly what he wants in a partner. She complements the strong and honorable leader well, and they both share similar feelings about life, love, and family.

Unfortunately for Adam and the rest of the McKay clan, Adam’s father, who shows signs of ineptitude and madness, is in control and shows no signs of naming Adam as laird. Adam and Kali’s fathers are both reprehensible men, and I so hoped they would both lose their influence and control. Abusive and heartless, they both value power and control over people. Luckily, Kali and Adam have the support of others to see them through.

Secondary characters like Raini, Heather, and the orphaned children are wonderful, and I love the found family they and Kali create. They are all outsiders who have been treated wrong, and the fact that they find safety, security, and joy with each other is heart-warming, especially considering how difficult, indifferent, and cruel some of their surroundings can be. It was interesting to learn more about Raini and her history in the clan, and I loved seeing Heather and the children use their skill and intellect to thwart the machinations of the antagonists.

My one complaint is there is a lot of violence against women, especially Kali. Physical, verbal, and sexual abuse are all referenced, and there is on-page physical and verbal abuse. I tend to steer away from books with an abundance of abuse, and I did find several scenes difficult to read for this reason. It’s definitely not a light read, and I would suggest checking out the content warnings before starting the book, as there are parts that could trigger some readers.

Thanks to NetGalley and Entangled Publishing for providing me with a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The romance.
  • The banter.

Favorite Line:

Anything seemed possible where kindness thrived.

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