Book Review: Say Yes to the Princess by Charis Michaels

About the Book:

Title: Say Yes to the Princess

Author: Charis Michaels

Series: Hidden Royals #1

Page Length: 384

Publication Date: July 11, 2023

Publisher: Avon

Synopsis: A hidden princess…

Princess Regine Elise Adelaide d’Orleans is no longer a princess, but she’s also no commoner. She’s obscure French royalty, exiled to England in the aftermath of the revolution. She lives as a glorified houseguest of the British Royal family, guarded and gilded, but also trapped.

The cynical outcast…

Mr. Killian Crewes serves as the “Royal Fixer” in St. James’s Palace, making messy situations disappear. As the second son of an earl, cleaning up indiscretions was hardly Killian’s goal in life, but his mother’s notoriety makes him less of a peer, and more a member of staff.

A royal scandal…

When Princess Elise spots her long-lost brother in a crowded market, she’s determined to find him. But her search puts the palace in an uncomfortable position, and they hire Killian to seduce the princess to distract her from meddling. Except, no one anticipated that Killian would be the one seduced instead. Now he’s risking everything for the lonely princess–his job, her reputation, and both of their hearts.

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My Review:

The first in the Hidden Royals series, Say Yes to the Princess follows Princess Regine Elise Adelaide d’Orleans, a member of French royalty exiled in England, and Killian Crewes, an English royal fixer charged with seducing and distracting the Princess. Elise has been living in England since the revolution in France when her father was killed ten years ago. She and her siblings escaped before they were killed too. But the siblings were split up, and Elise hasn’t seen them since they fled France. That is until she is sure she sees her brother and convinces Killian to help her find him.

Killian is the royal fixer, and though it is against his better judgment, he agrees to help Elise find her brother. He is so taken by the lonely and beautiful princess, and the more he gets to know Elise, the harder and deeper he falls for her. Elise also quickly falls for Killian, though their romance is slow building since both hide their feelings.

I loved Elise and Killian! They both have interesting backstories, and their individual journeys are as great as their love story. Elise fascinated me. She’s had such tragedy in her life, but she is strong and smart and a survivor. Killian is a survivor too, and though he’s done a lot of unsavory things, he’s a good man with honorable goals. Elise and Killian have a lot in common, though they have led very different lives. I think they connect on such a deep level, and they understand each other in ways that others don’t. I love how Killian is so tough and in control but is totally undone by Elise. He is so honorable and soft-hearted beneath his tough exterior, and he’s such a softie for his princess. Elise shares his feelings and finds a comfort and safety with Killian that she’s never felt before. I loved their chemistry and their unconventional love story.

I also really liked the political intrigue involving the French and British thrones. It was suspenseful and entertaining, and it was interesting to see how all of the deceit, lies, manipulation, and underhanded dealings affected the main characters. The side characters were great too, especially Killian and Elise’s closest confidantes. Love them! Hopefully, we’ll see more of them in future books!

Thanks to NetGalley and Avon Books for providing me a copy of the novel. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The romance.
  • The characters.

Favorite Line:

It was miserable to be afraid, but not miserable enough to stop trying to break free.


  • forbidden romance
  • forced proximity
  • political intrigue

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