Book Review: Next-Door Nemesis by Alexa Martin

About the Book:

Title: Next-Door Nemesis

Author: Alexa Martin

Page Length:

Publication Date: Nov. 14, 2023

Publisher: Berkley

Synopsis: Two rival candidates for a homeowner’s association presidency are about to find out how dirty suburbanites fight in this steamy new romantic comedy from Alexa Martin.

After years of hustling, Collins Carter has finally made it…back to her parents’ house. Between tending to the compost with her newly retired dad and running into her high school nemesis at the only decent coffee shop in town, Collins realizes this subdivision from hell she swore she’d never return to is her rock bottom.

Then the homeowner’s association complaint arrived.

Nathaniel Adams always dreamed of a nice, quiet life in his suburban hometown. Or at least that’s what he thought until Collins moved back and sent his quaint, organized life into a tailspin. He thought Collins was infuriating ten years ago, but when she announces she’s running against him for HOA president, all bets are off.

From secret board meetings to vicious smear campaigns whispered over backyard fences, Collins and Nate sink to levels their sleepy suburb has never seen before. But as hate turns into lust, these two enemies are forced to reckon with the feelings they’ve ignored for years. If only there were bylaws for real life.

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My Review:

Alexa Martin writes such great rom-coms, so I was thrilled to get an early copy of Next Door Nemesis. It’s fun and funny, and there are some wonderful, heartwarming moments as Collins and Nate battle to become the next Home Owners Association president. Collins and Nate are both super competitive, which makes for some great scenes as they try to one-up each other. The pranks and shenanigans they get into are laugh-out-loud funny (The hose scene! The googly eyes – I can’t even!!), and the quick wit and verbal sparring are top-notch.

Childhood friends turned enemies, Collins and Nate are now neighbors. This pair makes enemies to lovers look good! I think part of it is that they were close friends when they were kids. They have a history, and there are a lot of unresolved feelings between them. They say there’s a thin line between love and hate, and you can definitely see that with these two! I adored their banter, and the push and pull between them is filled with sexual tension and chemistry.

Collins is such a relatable character and someone you can’t help but root for. And when she uses her HOA situation with Nate as the premise for her next screenplay – love it! It’s a rom-com within a rom-com! And Nate is fantastic, too. I like how they slowly go back to being friends as they learn more about each other and what happened in the past while still competing for HOA president. It’s comical and heart-warming, and the whole story has so much heart.

I also love the secondary characters. Each has such a dynamic personality, and I especially adored her parents, her best friend, and her new neighbor across the street. They are all layered and interesting, and they are a great support system for Collins, who is still reeling from an embarrassing viral moment that ruined her career. There are strong found family vibes going on with Collins at the center of this charming group.

The story includes some great messages about following your heart, owning your choices, and taking chances. It also explores the benefits and difficulties of living in an HOA neighborhood. It’s an uplifting and fun contemporary romance that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Special thanks to Berkley and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The romance.
  • The secondary characters.
  • The humor.

Favorite Lines:

It might not be a popular opinion, but I’m of the firm belief that nobody is deserving of space in your life if they only cause harm.

“I inhale through my nose and exhale through my mouth just like my therapist taught me, only to find out the bitch lied because I’m still mad as hell.”


  • enemies to lovers
  • childhood friends
  • found family

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