Book Review: A Lady’s Rules for Ruin by Jennifer Haymore

About the Book:

Title: A Lady’s Rules for Ruin

Author: Jennifer Haymore

Series: The Lions and the Lilies

Page Length: 384

Publication Date: Nov. 28, 2023

Publisher: Entangled: Amara

Synopsis: She’s found the perfect plan to avoid marriage…

Miss Frances Cherrington has long been criticized as independent and prickly. And she’s fine with it. Truth be told, she’d prefer to be a spinster—damn her family’s desires. But it’s a conversation with the devilishly handsome yet highly infuriating Earl of Winthrop that inspires the perfect escape from her nuptial troubles. Frances could ensure that no one will marry her—by happily ruining her own reputation…

The Earl of Winthrop knows more about ruin than anyone suspects. He’s just uncovered a secret that would tear his name—and everything he’s worked for—to the ground. Certainly, marriage is out of the question…to say nothing of his growing attraction to the forthright and delectable Miss Cherrington.

Though all London is abuzz with Frances’s “disgrace,” she’s determined to use her freedom however she sees fit. Even if it means spending more time with a man who sets her body on fire. But when Frances’s misdeeds catch up to her, the ruinous disaster she finds herself in blazes out of control, taking all of her options with it.

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My Review:

The second book in The Lions and the Lilies historical romance series, A Lady’s Rules for Ruin follows Frances Cherrington, who plans her ruination in an attempt to avoid marriage and remain free as a spinster. Frances connects with the charismatic Evan, an earl with secrets that could ruin him.

Evan and Francis are such fantastic characters, and I enjoyed their stories both individually and as a couple. Both are dynamically developed and layered with complicated lives and family situations. The pair has an epic love affair, too! I adored their swoon-worthy romance. Filled with secrets, family betrayals, hard decisions, and wonderful journeys, the romance between this couple is positively dynamic.

There are also three fabulous secondary characters that totally stole the show for me. Mark, Bobby, and Jasper are absolute delights, and they add so much to the story and to Evan and Francis’s lives. I enjoyed watching Evan develop relationships with the brothers he never knew he had. He is such a good and honorable man and an excellent role model for the boys. And I adore how they slowly learn to trust and love him. None of the boys have had easy lives, and Evan’s determination to do right by them and love and support them unconditionally makes him even more swoon-worthy in my eyes. The found family vibes are strong, and I loved every minute of it.

I also love Evan’s friends and one of Francis’s sisters. Her other siblings are awful, especially her brother. Her family is more concerned about the family reputation and their own individual reputations and not what makes Francis happy. They ignore what she wants because she doesn’t conform to the dictates of society. I like that Francis realizes this and sees that they don’t listen to her, but I love even more that she also recognizes her mistakes and how they impacted others. I think that’s part of the reason she connects so deeply with Evan and he with her. They listen to each other. They get to really know each other inside and out. And they respect each other.

Though this is the second book in the series, it can easily be read as a standalone. However, The Duke’s Rules of Engagement, the first book of the series, is also one I’d recommend. Both have great romances and are entertaining reads!

Thanks to NetGalley and Entangled: Amara for providing me with a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!
  • The boys!
  • The found family.


  • found family

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