Review: To Marry a Scottish Laird by Lynsay Sands

To Marry a Scottish Laird is the second book in Lynsay Sands’ Highland Brides Series but can be read as a standalone novel. When Cam sees a boy being attacked by several men, his honor compels him to help. He fights off the men but not before getting stabbed.

Joan has a deathbed promise to fulfill, but when a man comes to her aid and is wounded in the process, she can’t just leave him. A skilled healer, Joan takes care of Cam until he wakes up.

Initially Cam does not know that Joan is female. After all, she is disguised as a boy. But when he accidentally comes upon her while she is bathing, he knows for sure that she is all woman.

As Cam and Joan travel together, they grow closer, both emotionally and physically. Cam lost his wife in childbirth, and Joan is afraid of having children. Neither wants to get married. However, neither want to be apart either. Can they conquer their fears and learn to trust in love? The couple must decide if their love is worth the risk.

Lynsay Sands’ is a wonderful storyteller. Her characters are dynamic and interesting and are one of the strengths of the novel. Joan is strong, brave, and independent. She is traveling alone even though she is aware of the dangers. Her loyalty to her mother, who gave her a scroll and asked Joan to deliver it to the McKay’s, is unwavering and true. Her skill as a healer and her kind-hearted personality are admirable.

Cam is strong and brave – a fierce warrior. What I like about Cam is that his vulnerable side is evident from early in the story. He reveals the fear and heartbreak he felt when he lost his first wife and child in childbirth. I felt for him and understood why he avoided remarrying.

I love the sexy and spicy romance between Cam and Joan, but even more I like how they fell for each other. They compliment each other well.

The plot in this story is very interesting as well. Though much of the story details Cam and Joan’s journey to the McKay clan, some of the story takes place at the McKay’s and at Cam’s home. Once home, Joan and Cam encounter even more problems that stand in their way, and Joan’s life is in danger yet again. I like the pacing of the story and the fact that there is so much going on.

I also like that the characters from Sands’ An English Bride in Scotland make an appearance in this story. Annabel and Ross McKay are now in their forties with children of their own, and they become strong allies to Cam and Joan.


Favorite Parts:

  • strong and interesting characters
  • hot and sexy romance
  • interesting and detailed plot
  • the McKay’s!!


I think that people who like historical romance will love this story. Fans of Maya Banks or Lisa Kleypas will probably like this book too. Readers who enjoy a quick and spicy romance will also enjoy this piece.

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