Review: To the Moon (Mark of Power #2) by L.L. Crane


How Many Lies Can One Person Endure?

Teak sizzles with happiness when she and Thann make it to Harcourt, but all too soon she discovers lies that change her entire view of the world with a secret identity that was hidden from her at birth.

As Siv Gareth’s Race War heats up, it weighs on her soul every moment of the day, and when Koree asks her to join the Rebellion, she doesn’t need to think of the answer. Siv Gareth’s face is enough for her to bring back the killing machine she was taught to be.

When a romance develops, Teak is sure that the past is finally behind her. Enter a baby dragon that has hatched too soon, and she learns to love on a level she never thought possible.

Moving into the tree house settlement where there are hundreds of people of her own kind, Teak enters a fascinating and dangerous world. When she spills her guts to Koree about the orphanage in Bay City and the little girl she desperately wants to save, Teak can’t begin to imagine where it will all end.

Book 2 in the Mark of Power series boasts of excitement and adventure and will keep you turning pages as you fall in love for the first time, soar on a dragon, and discover who you really are.

My Review:

This is a series that might just give me a book hangover. The characters, the plot, THE DRAGONS, the love story, the poignant messages – there is so much that I like about this young adult series.

In Book 2, we definitely learn more about the major characters. Teak, Thann, and Koree remain the focus of the plot. I love that these three grow and develop throughout the story. They are constantly learning and changing, yet they stay true to their beliefs and morals. They also fiercely protect and support each other. I love how their stories evolve, and am curious to see where the next book takes them.

Teak has some painful experiences similar to her experiences at weapons training school. However, students that treat her harshly because of her skin color are punished here. Reese causes problems for her again as do a few new antagonists. It is clear from the actions of some of the characters that racial prejudices are going to be hard to dispel.

This story also introduces some unique and wonderful characters – the dragons. Each dragon is different and distinct with varied personalities and appearances. The fact that some of the characters can communicate telepathically with their dragon added an extra awesome element to the story.

This is an action-packed page-turner that is carefully and intricately constructed. The plot is original and engrossing, and the characters are fantastic.

And then there’s the ending….

Can I just say that L.L. Crane is the master of cliffhangers? I can’t even deal with what happened!!!

I can’t recommend the story enough, and I’m beyond excited to start the third book in the series! 🙂


Favorite Parts:

  • dragons, dragons, dragons! I can’t get enough of the dragons!
  • the romance
  • the shocking secret that Teak learns about her past
  • that ending!


Readers of young adult fantasy will enjoy this book, as will people who like well-constructed and captivating coming-of-age stories.

4 thoughts on “Review: To the Moon (Mark of Power #2) by L.L. Crane

  1. Your review of this series makes me want to read them so I’m putting it on my books to read list. Great review.

  2. Your review of this series makes me want to read them so I’m putting it on to read list. Great review.

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