ARC Review: Tempting Fate by Kerrigan Byrne

About the Book:

Title: Tempting Fate

Author: Kerrigan Byrne

Series: Goode Girls

Publication Date: May 11, 2021

Publisher: Gnarly Wool Publishing

Synopsis: Disfigured in fighting pits as a lad, Gabriel Sauvageau has lived his entire life without the touch of a woman. As the brains and brawn behind London’s most ferocious smuggling syndicate, he knows he doesn’t deserve shy, bespectacled Felicity Goode. But that doesn’t stop him from watching her. Guarding her.

Wondering if her gentle touch would soothe his savage soul.

Though she wiles away hours immersed in the pages of romance novels, shy and anxious Felicity Goode has vowed never to become a bride. How can she share a life—not to mention a bed—with a man, if she can’t bring herself to share a simple conversation without trembling and stuttering? Once news of her obscene inheritance circulates through the ton, she is barraged, not only by a slew of suitors, but also several distressing threats against her life.

What she needs is a bodyguard.

The large, scarred ruffian she finds on her stoop is exactly what she has been looking for.

So, why does his presence make her tremble in ways that have nothing to do with fear?

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My Review:

I wanted to read this story since Gabriel was introduced earlier in the series. I was so intrigued by the quiet, protective Gabriel, as well as Felicity, the reserved Goode sister who captured his heart. And I have to say – it was my favorite in the series! I loved the characters and intrigue, and the love story was delightfully romantic!

Felicity is the introvert of the family and is a bit more reserved than her three sisters. She also struggles with anxiety and panic attacks. With men only interested in her inheritance, and someone violently targeting her, Felicities life is in upheaval, so it’s not surprising that her anxiety is exacerbated. I thought her anxiety was represented really well, and I could totally relate to her feelings. Felicity often finds peace and solace in her greenhouse, and Gabriel helps her with breathing exercises to help control her panic attacks.

As someone so consistently aware of her own vulnerability, she was struck with awe by his apparent invincibility.

Felicity is also sensitive and kind, and she has such a giving heart, yet she struggles with self-worth. It’s wonderful to see her confidence grow throughout the story, and I think much of her growth stems from the strength and support she receives from Gabriel. Gabriel, however, feels unworthy of her love and affection. His criminal past and violent tendencies make him feel like a poor match for the innocent and lovely Felicity. However, Felicity sees the good in him that even he doesn’t see.

The romance between Felicity and Gabriel is swoon-tastically wonderful! You could tell from their first meeting earlier in the series that Gabriel was taken with Felicity, and he has loved her from afar for a long time. Their relationship is slow-building and riddled with angst and sexual tension, which is fantastic!! And the way Gabriel thinks about and feels about Felicity is absolutely swoon-worthy! Take a look at his reaction when she smiles:

A smile from her was akin to a kiss from the sun or God’s very own forgiveness, And tonight, she was every inch a goddess.

So beautiful – the poignancy and depth of his feelings are lovely!! Felicity and Gabriel seem like two people who don’t fit, but for some reason, they do. They are very different from one another in so many ways. She is delicate and gentle, whereas he is hard and fierce. Violence is his closest friend, and she can’t stomach the sight of blood. Yet they both have strong relationships with their siblings, and they both love deeply and are protective of those they care about. Gabriel’s determination to keep Felicity safe at all costs puts him in perilous danger more than once, and their care and concern for each other make for a magical romance. I also love how easily they understand each other. Felicity and Gabriel are both wounded souls, albeit for different reasons, who have an innate understanding of each other’s needs. They bring out the best in each other, and their chemistry is wonderful.

The intrigue is also gripping, and I was shocked at the surprising twists in the story. Between someone trying to kill Felicity, nefarious criminals from Gabriel’s past still at large, and greedy men trying to gain Felicity’s inheritance, it’s unclear who is targeting her. Many shocking secrets and revelations, as well as several suspense-filled scenes, add mystery and danger to the plot and make for an immersive read.

Man was most often the worst kind of beast, and the most dangerous ones, her reckoned, were those who hid behind angelic features.

I also like that the Goode sisters are reunited in the book. It’s fabulous to see the sisters together with their significant others. Though their lives have changed, they still share the bond on sisterhood, and their love for each other, regardless of where their lives take them, remains.

I’m so thankful to NetGalley, Gnarly Wool Publishing, and Kerrigan Byrne for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review, and I think readers who like historical romances with great characters and a bit of intrigue will adore the book!


Favorite Parts:

  • The ROMANCE!!!! Sa-woon!!!
  • The anxiety rep.
  • The intrigue!

Favorite Lines:

If my manhood could be threatened by learning something from a woman, then I wasn’t much of a man to begin with.

She tilted her head back and laughed, a sound of mild yet unbridled mirth. The world stood still to hear it.

Beasts only followed whom they deemed worthy to lead…A leader, once overthrown, was almost always devoured by the pack.


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