Book Review: The Lady is Trouble by Tracy Sumner

About the Book:

Title: The Lady is Trouble

Author: Tracy Sumner

Series: League of Lords

Page Length: 423

Publication Date: Feb. 14, 2020

Synopsis: In the first in Tracy Sumner’s sizzling League of Lords historical series, mysticism and paranormal abilities in Victorian England set the stage for a captivating love affair…

He’s a viscount with a dark past who yearns for the one woman he can’t have. She’s a psychic firebrand. Rebellious, spurned by society and determined to change his mind.

What’s a defiant woman to do when the man she’s meant for doesn’t believe in love?

After three years of waiting for Julian Alexander to realize they are destined to be together, Lady Piper Scott takes matters into her own hands. Because her gift as a healer has never done anything but distance her from the most principled man in England. A meaningless diversion as a medium, all done to gain a certain wandering viscount’s attention, backfires. As most endeavors have for a woman known in the ton as Scandalous Scott.

What’s a reluctant viscount to do when the woman he can’t have becomes the woman he can’t live without?

Julian Alexander, Lord Beauchamp, battled his way from the lowliest slum to assume his title. He carries not only a turbulent past, but a mystical psychic gift that separates him from society. Honorable to his core, he is committed to protecting a community of outcasts with abilities like his own. He has no time, no place, for love. Or repeatedly rescuing the most outrageous, beguiling woman he’s ever known. Even if she needs his protection most—and he desires her above all others.

Seduction, intrigue and desire lead to an explosive passion…

Julian vowed to shield Piper from the deadly foes seeking to possess her powerful gift. Although he needs her help in controlling his own, the mix could be deadly. Soon what was once a simple agreement to work together becomes enchantingly complex as they surrender to a timeless love…

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My Review:

The Lady is Trouble is the first book in League of Lords, a paranormal and historical romance series. Known as the Scandalous Scott, Piper Scott is rebellious and daring, and she gets into a lot of mischief. She also has unique paranormal abilities. Piper hasn’t seen Julian, the man she loves and who has sworn to protect her, in a long time. Frustrated and eager to get into the League, after three years of waiting for Julian, Piper decides to take matters into her own hands.

Julian, busy trying to run the Leaque, a place for people with paranormal abilities, is more reserved than Piper and very honorable. He takes his responsibilities seriously and isn’t as rash and impulsive as Piper. That being said, this seemingly opposite pair has been in love with each other for years. Julian wants nothing more than to be with Piper, but he knows it’s impossible. Because of a promise made, Julian, also a paranormal, is determined to protect Piper no matter the consequences while still keeping her at a distance. Her special and powerful abilities put Piper’s life in danger, as other people want to use and exploit her, which makes Julian’s mission even more dangerous.

I haven’t read many historical romances with paranormal elements, and I loved the addition to this book. The characters possess a variety of gifts, including reading people’s auras, having visions, mind reading, and more. I thought it was a unique spin on the story, and it definitely added to the forbidden element of Piper and Julian’s relationship, as they were unsure what would happen if their powers combined.

The chemistry between Julian and Piper is wonderful. I love a slow-building romance, and Piper and Julian bring it. Filled with angst and tension, their desire is palpable even though it takes a long time for them to come together. Julian is a man with a dark past, a past he very much keeps secret, and Piper is forbidden to him. Because of his fears and the promises he made, Julian tries so hard to keep distance between them. However, as they move to his estate in an effort to keep her safe and learn how to control his growing powers, this proves impossible. I liked Julian and Piper. They are both good people, though they are not without flaws. Piper’s impulsivity and rebellious behavior often bordered on immature and dangerous, and Julian’s reserved and closed-off attitude proved frustrating. However, the pair sees past these flaws and love each other unconditionally.

Julian takes his role as protector very seriously and not just with Piper. He is part of the League, and he has created a safe place at his estate where he can shield people like him from society’s judgment. He knows what could happen if people learned of their abilities, and he is committed to protecting them. I think this says a lot about his character much more than his past does.

A unique and compelling historical romance with a paranormal twist, this action-filled book has dynamic protagonists and a steamy love story. The secondary characters are as well-developed and interesting too, and some are really fun and funny! I’m hoping to see more of them in future books in the series. Thanks so much to Tracy Sumner for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review. I can’t wait to read the next book!


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!
  • The secondary characters. They are fantastic!
  • The paranormal elements.


I think this is a great story for readers who like paranormal romance in a Victorian setting.

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