Book Review: Tides of Desire: A Christmas Romance by Tracy Sumner

About the Book:

Title: Tides of Desire: A Christmas Romance

Author: Tracy Sumner

Series: Seaswept Seduction Series #3

Page Length:

Publication Date: Sept. 2020

Synopsis: A forbidden love that started with a Christmas kiss.

*Friends to lovers
*Forbidden love
*STEAMY holiday romance
*Beach read (Outer Banks, NC 1898)

A female doctor and a shipbuilder find friends-to-lovers, small-town love in the final standalone steamy novella in the Garrett Brothers trilogy!

Spirited physician Macy Dallas is fervently committed to medicine, but a troubled past has kept her from committing to love. She’s never experienced ardent yearning for a man until she kisses Caleb Garrett…and her awakening passion is impossible to resist.

A gifted boatbuilder who is dedicated only to the sea, Caleb doesn’t believe in the power of love. A wretched childhood has governed his life until he doesn’t believe he has anything to offer. A beguiling puzzle, Macy challenges his fears, and he considers giving in to their explosive passion. Even though he knows he’s not the man she deserves.

As they match wits in a tempestuous dance, their fortifications begin to crumble, revealing not only a fiery attraction but a deepening love. Soon, what should have been a simple seduction becomes deliciously complicated…as they must open their hearts or lose the one person they are desperate to possess.

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My Review:

A sweet and steamy love story, Tides of Desire is the third book in the Seaswept Seduction Series and focuses on Caleb and Macy. Macy, a doctor who is new to town, is working hard to build her career and reputation during a time when female doctors aren’t widely accepted. Strong, capable, and sure, Macy knows Caleb is the one for her. She just has to convince him that she’s perfect for him.

A gifted boat-builder and artist, Caleb is the middle of the Garrett brothers. Though he is drawn to Macy from the moment she kissed him, he doesn’t feel like he is good enough for her. He continually fails to see his own worth. He’s known for being a hothead, and he often uses his fists to solve his problems. Caleb is also loyal, loving, and self-sacrificing, constantly putting other’s needs and happiness ahead of his own. He doesn’t realize what an asset he is to his family and community. He also doesn’t realize how deeply he is falling in love with Macy.

This is a quick and lovely story, and the romance progresses rapidly. Macy and Caleb form a fast connection, and their passion for each other is explosive. Though the story is shorter than the other two in the series, the characters are dynamically developed, and the love story is as wonderful as the others. I love how Caleb and Macy confide in and trust each other from the start. They share things with each other that they never shared with anyone else, which highlights how connected they feel. Their romance definitely has love-at-first-sight vibes, and it is fantastic!!!

I love historical romances with men who support and fight for female empowerment, and this idea is at the center of the series. Like his brothers are with their spouses, Caleb wholeheartedly supports Macy’s career and personal goals. I love how determined Caleb is to help Macy achieve. The Garrett brothers lives have been irrevocably changed by three independent and fierce social reformers, and the men all know they are better for it. It says so much about their characters and the deep love each has for the woman he loves. Garrett brothers for the win!!

I really enjoyed this story and the series as a whole. The themes of love, forgiveness, the bonds of family, and more make for a heart-warming read, and the romance is spectacular! Thanks so much to Tracy Sumner for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!
  • The themes!
  • The Garrett family.

Favorite Lines:

I was lost from the moment you touched me.

Some people need to be set adrift, put in a boat that will never again meet yours, and sent out to sea.


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