ARC Review: My Only Earl by Veronica Crowe

About the Book:

Title: My Only Earl

Author: Veronica Crowe

Series: Heirs of Cornwall #3

Publication Date: Aug. 17, 2021

Publisher: Dragonblade Publishing

Synopsis: Touted by The Gazette as The Most Handsome Man in All of England.

Edward Devlin Huntington, Earl of Calverston, has been friends with Diana since childhood. As the years went by, their friendship blossomed into young love that each found hard to deny. But when Diana debuted in her first London Season, she instantly became the diamond of the ton. The most eligible, high-ranking gentlemen vied for her hand. Competition was fierce, and Edward, an undergraduate with nothing to his name except for a mere courtesy title, felt unworthy of his beloved childhood friend, who took the ton by storm with her incomparable beauty, sharp wit, and impressive accomplishments. Discouraged, Edward sailed to America to manage a trading company in New York and make a name for himself.

Seven years later, he returned home a different man: Distinguished, worldly, successful, and breathtakingly wealthy. His only conundrum was, did Diana still hold a place in her heart for him?

Or was he too late?

The Incomparable Diamond of the upper ten thousand.

Diana Juliette Radcliffe, only daughter of the Duke of Grandstone, had everything—beauty, wealth, success, society’s admiration—but not the man she’s loved since her youth. She had convinced herself there was no sense in pining for someone who did not reciprocate her affections—until she saw him again at his Welcome Ball. Stunned by her reaction to his presence, and the sudden reemergence of the love she thought long gone, she vowed to deny her feelings and keep their relationship friendly.

If only it were that easy.

Because Edward’s kisses kept her wanting, and no matter how hard she tried to prevent herself from falling, every touch and every kiss rekindled her love for him. Terrified of going down that road again, she knew she could not go through the agony of another heartbreak. His show of affection sent her reeling with both joy and trepidation. What did Edward want from her? Why did he come back?

Would he leave her if he learned she was betrothed to another?

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My Review:

After making a name for himself in America, Edward, the Earl of Calverston has returned home and is eager to see if his childhood friend Diana is still available. Diana, known for years as the Diamond of the Ton, has many admirers, but she is interested in none. She has a job that she loves and fears losing her independence. Plus, she has never stopped loving Edward. When Edward returns, all of the old feelings come to the surface. However, he rejected Diana more than once when they were younger. Can she really open her heart to him again and risk rejection? Plus, her parents promised her to someone else. Will Edward’s feelings change when he realizes her conundrum?

The chemistry between Edward and Diana is palpable, and their romance is totally swoon-worthy. I love their story – how they started as the best of friends in childhood, how they realized early on that they loved each other, how they spent years apart mooning for each other, never forgetting the wonderful bond and the feelings they had for each other, and how they reconnect as adults. Their banter is excellent, and you can tell how strongly they feel about each other in every interaction. Theirs is an epic love story bound by friendship and family, which is fantastic.

When Edward and Diana see each other again after so many years apart, they each realize that the other has changed. They are no longer children or young adults, and their lives have changed with their maturation. However, this doesn’t change the long-standing feelings they have for one another. Of course, finding their way back to each other proves difficult, angst-filled, and tumultuous.

One of my favorite characters, other than Edward and Diana, is Edward’s mother. She is a force to be reckoned with, and her love for her son knows no bounds. She is a very perceptive woman who realizes that her son has always loved Diana and knows that he went to America to prove he was worthy of Diana’s love. Edward’s mother, Diana’s brother, and many other members of Edward’s family, show how strong their family bonds are throughout the story. They often support and help each other in subtle and overt ways.

Diana’s brother and his friends are other fun characters that add a bit of levity to the story. It seems as if everyone knows that Diana and Edward are in love with each other except for Diana and Edward, and it’s fun to see how the characters do little things to encourage this romance. Diana and Edward are lucky to have such loyal and caring friends and family, even if they’re both a bit too stubborn to realize it at times.

I was so intrigued by Diana’s career as an investigator and wished this aspect of her life were explored a bit more. She is so independent and is steadfast in her determination to keep her job and contribute to society in a variety of ways, but the story doesn’t really delve far into this part of her life. There were also some scenes that felt a little long, and there were times when Edward and Diana’s decisions and actions frustrated me. However, their love story was fantastic and chemistry-laden, which I loved. Thanks so much to NetGalley, Dragonblade Publishing, and the author for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!
  • Edward’s mother. She’s fantastic!


This is a good story for readers who enjoy friends to lovers historical romance.

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  1. Nice review Julie. I think I would also like to see more of her life as an investigator and see why she loves it so much. Sounds like a fun, historical romance though.

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