Book Review: Highland Bear by Celeste Barclay

About the Book:

Title: Highland Bear

Author: Celeste Barclay

Series: The Clan Sinclair

Publication Date: May 17, 222

Publisher: Oliver-Heber Books

Synopsis: A gentle giant during peace, a bear on the battlefield…

Blake Sinclair is fresh from the battlefield having fought alongside his father, Magnus, and his uncles and cousins. Sent to accompany Sir Andrew of Moray back to Stirling, Blake intends to avail himself of the various entertainments the town offers. But he finds the royal court, absent its exiled king, is far less hospitable to Highlanders than it ever was. Forced to navigate the uncharted waters of royal politics, Blake soon finds himself in over his head.

A lady at court, a warrior at heart…

Cerys Kerr is making the best of being relegated to serving as a lady-in-waiting to an absent queen exiled in France. Underestimated by the men swarming throughout Stirling Castle, Cerys is both observant and shrewd. When she meets the towering Highlander amidst courtly intrigue, Cerys realizes more than familial ties by marriage bind them as they work together to uncover subterfuge at the highest level.

A couple underestimated, soulmates determined to win…

Blake and Cerys become embroiled in a plot that could destroy the hard-fought Scottish independence. They must trust one another to escape Stirling with their heads still attached to their necks and help protect the freedom Blake’s family spent two generations fighting for.

If you love sizzling romance that will sweep you away to the medieval Scottish Highlands, you’ll love Celeste Barclay’s newest installment to The Clan Sinclair Legacy.

Highland Bear is the second installment in Celeste Barclay’s STEAMY spinoff from The Clan Sinclair and The Highland Ladies. This highly in demand new series takes readers back to where Celeste began with the next generation in The Clan Sinclair Legacy. This STEAMY collection will continue to prove that in the Sinclair family, the men are strong, and the women are fierce.

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My Review:

The second book in The Clan Sinclair series, Highland Bear is an entertaining historical romance that follows Cerys and Blake as they meet and work together to uncover a plot that could destroy their futures and the future of their country.

I enjoyed the romance between Blake and Cerys, though it did have some insta-love vibes. The enemies-to-lovers aspect of their story is interesting, as their families have been feuding for longer than either can remember. Long-standing feuds and general distrust as well as a ton of political intrigue and danger prove difficult obstacles for the pair. There are some nefarious plots underway, and the more Blake and Cerys uncover, the more dangerous their lives become. But through it all, their feelings for each other deepen, and their chemistry is great.

I love how Blake feels about Cerys. He is a bit awe-struck by her and is pretty open about his admiration for her. He, unlike most, sees her – her strength and intelligence, her compassion and bravery, her desire to be free of her family. There are so many romantic scenes and lovely moments between the couple, and some of the things Blake says to Cerys are super swoon-worthy.

Blake’s family is the other highlight of the novel. They are so honorable and kind, and I really love their feelings about family, honor, loyalty, and more. They are such a fantastic support to each other, and they trust in and believe each other implicitly. They’re so different from what Cerys is used to with the men in her life who have abused, threatened, dishonored, and disrespected her. The Sinclair’s treat her as an equal and show her respect. It’s interesting to see how she changes as her words and life suddenly matter to those around her.

Overall, I thought this was a great addition to The Clan Sinclair series. It has great characters, a wonderful and large family, a ton of political intrigue and danger, and lovely romance. Special thanks to NetGalley, the author, and Oliver Heber books for providing me with a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance.
  • The Sinclair family.
  • The political intrigue.

Favorite Lines:

A dog may wag his tail at many people, but there is always but one owner to whom he’s most loyal.

Ye can dally with someone and enjoy the moment, or ye can love someone and enjoy the lifetime.

We may love soon, but we love hard, and we never stop.


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