Book Review: Made for the Marquess by Alexa Aston

About the Book:

Title: Made for the Marquess

Author: Alexa Aston

Series: Second Sons of London #4

Page Length: 247

Publication Date: July 6, 2022

Publisher: Dragonblade Publishing

Synopsis: A reticent army officer who loses a beloved brother. A personable beauty eager to make up for lost time. And one magical kiss that changes everything . . .

Lieutenant-Colonel Percival Perry maybe be reserved, but he is an outstanding army officer. When Percy receives news of his brother’s accidental drowning, he is forced to sell his commission and take up his title as Marquess of Kingston. Nightmares of the war plague Percy even as he longs for a wife and family. When he meets an attractive, spirited woman, he can barely speak and knows he made a poor impression upon her.

Araminta Nicholls is two and twenty and missed making her come-out, thanks to the pesky Americans who started a war that kept her stuck in Canada for several years. Minta is ready to make up for lost time and find a husband so she can have the children she longs for. When she is introduced to a solemn marquess, Minta believes him to be much like her own shy twin and comes to have feelings for Lord Kingston.

But Percy’s nightmares continue and he fears he might plunge into madness, taking Minta with him. Knowing he loves her, he makes the decision to give her up, believing he is damaged goods. But Minta is a fighter—and she isn’t going anywhere.

Can Minta convince Percy that opposites can make for a wonderful marriage—and that love can conquer any problem if they face it together?

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My Review:

A romantic, sexy, and heart-warming story, Made for the Marquess is a wonderful addition to the Second Sons of London series. The story follows Minta and Percy as they both prepare for their first season in London. Both hope to find a spouse but have misgivings about it happening until they meet each other.

Minta has been in Canada and unable to return to London because of the war. She missed coming out and having a season and is excited to attend balls and find a husband. She stays with her aunt and uncle, who live next door to Percy, and she meets Percy when he attends dinner at her home. An introvert who has spent many years in the military and in war, Percy struggles with his memories and his shy demeanor. His reserved and awkward nature is often misinterpreted, but Minta, who has an equally shy twin sister, understands his discomfort.

Minta and Percy have a lovely opposites-attract romance. Minta is insightful and outgoing, whereas Percy is very shy and only feels comfortable around family and close friends. Though they have an instant connection, Percy feels he is too damaged and unworthy of Minta’s love. Percy goes through such an emotional journey as he adjusts to this new normal, faces his feelings, and struggles with trauma from the war. And I love how patient and understanding Minta is. She sees past his awkwardness and, though she is often confused by his erratic behavior, she never gives up hope. She and Percy have fantastic chemistry, and I so hoped that he would face his fears and see how worthy of love he was. Luckily, he has many people in his corner that are understanding and supportive.

In addition to the amazing love stories, the friendships in this series are fantastic. The Second Sons and the Three Cousins, and now Minta, have created this lovely group that is more family than friends. They are so supportive of each other, and the way that they are unequivocally there for each other is so heart-warming. They are patient and understanding. With Percy, for example, they all rally to help him learn the ins and outs of his new role. They give sound advice, teach him to dance, accompany him to the ton events, and more.

I know he’s a minor character and not one of the second sons, but I really hope Lord Boxling finds his HEA. He’s such a wonderful character and has proven to be a good and kind man. I’m thinking the next book is going to focus on Percy’s cousin, and I’m eager to learn more about him. It sounds like Minta’s twin sister is due to arrive soon, too, so who knows what will happen!

I would definitely recommend this book to historical romance readers. It’s romantic and emotional, and there are strong messages about found families, love, trauma, and more. Though it’s the fourth book in the series, it can be read as a standalone. Thanks so much to NetGalley and Dragonblade Publishing for providing me with a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!!
  • The friendships.

Favorite Line:

I would give you the moon, Minta, if that would make you happy.


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