Book Review: Vanessa Jared’s Got a Man by LaQuette

About the Book:

Title: Vanessa Jared’s Got a Man

Author: LaQuette

Page Length: 272

Publication Date: Sept. 20, 2022

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Synopsis: LaQuette’s Vanessa Jared’s Got a Man is a debut sexy romantic comedy about a woman getting her groove back and getting a second chance at love…

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My Review:

Vanessa Jared, a woman in her 40s who has been divorced from an abusive husband for two years, is trying to get her life back on track. When small-town sheriff Michael Park asks for Vanessa’s help by talking to his sister, who is engaged to Vanessa’s ex-husband, Vanessa wants nothing to do with the situation. But Vanessa knows helping Michael is the right thing to do, and when she hears that her ex proposed with her grandmother’s ring, Vanessa makes a deal with Michael. She will go with him and talk to his sister, and he will get her grandmother’s ring back.

After 20 years of marriage to an emotionally and verbally abusive man, she doesn’t have much confidence and is struggling to find herself. She’s trying to find her purpose, and she learns so much about herself and what she wants over the course of the story. I love that the story realistically portrays her journey in healing from the abuse in her past while highlighting her strength, determination, and perseverance. I also love that the protagonist is a woman in her 40s. In many of the romance novels I read, the female protagonist is younger, and it’s great to see a more mature woman in the lead role.

The romance between Vanessa and Mike is also great, and I love how hard Mike falls for Vanessa. They have amazing chemistry and banter, and their spicy scenes are hot! Like, get a fan because the sex scenes fogged up my kindle! It was wonderful to see Vanessa and Mike find such passion and love and connection with each other.

I enjoyed the story. It’s fun and funny, sexy and sweet, and it has a great romance. The story also touches upon many relatable themes, including healing after divorce, the long-term affects of abuse, taking a second chance on love, body positivity, consent, embracing friendships (I’m talking to you Savvy, Sexy Singles Club!), and more. I would recommend it to readers who like contemporary romances with small-town charm, some touching and poignant scenes, awesome friendships, and a steamy love story. Thanks so much to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for providing me with a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • That cover! Gorgeous!
  • The romance.
  • The themes and messages.


I would recommend checking out the content warnings before reading the book. There are several topics and situations that could trigger readers.

6 thoughts on “Book Review: Vanessa Jared’s Got a Man by LaQuette

  1. Ooh, I’ve had my eye on this one ever since it came across my radar solely because of that cover, so I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it! Sounds like a heavy read and a lot seems to be covered in a short number of pages (?) but I love a good small-town romance with great friendships and of course, great romance! 😉 Love that she’s an older protagonist too! Great review, Julie 🙂

  2. oh, I hadn’t seen this one before but your review and descriptions have really piqued my interest. And I’m always up for a more mature heroine!

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