Book Review: Impeccable by Darcy Burke

About the Book:

Title: Impeccable

Author: Darcy Burke

Series: The Phoenix Club

Page Length: 335

Publication Date: Oct. 18, 2022

Publisher: Zealous Quill Press

Synopsis: Society’s most exclusive invitation…

Welcome to the Phoenix Club, where London’s most audacious, disreputable, and intriguing ladies and gentlemen find scandal, redemption, and second chances.

Former courtesan and pretend widow Evangeline Renshaw is happy with her reinvented life as a patroness of the Phoenix Club. She doesn’t need or want a husband or a lover…until she meets the devastatingly charming and surprisingly virtuous Lord Gregory Blakemore. He’d like to court her, but he’ll have to settle for a short, thrilling affair instead.

After the death of his father and the marriage of his older brother, Lord Gregory can finally focus on what he wants: a government appointment. However, the enchanting Evie makes him desire intimacy for the first time, and now he wants her most of all. Their entanglement is supposed to be temporary, but he can’t let her go.

As Gregory reveals himself to Evie, she wonders if she might finally share the truth of her past. Unfortunately, there are those who seek to ruin her carefully crafted second chance. To protect Gregory’s dreams, she must sacrifice the only love she’s ever known.

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My Review:

Impeccable is the story of Evie Renshaw, former courtesan and patroness of the Phoenix Club. In a lovely meet cute, Evie and Lord Gregory Blakemore rescue a dog, which connects them for future meetings. Gregory is immediately taken by Evie, but Evie, who is quite content with her life and independence, is only willing to have a short affair. But when feelings start to grow for both Gregory and Evie, can the couple have more than just a short love affair? Can this former courtesan with secrets have a future with a man eager to work in the government?

I’ve been eager to read Evie’s story ever since she was introduced early in The Phoenix Club series. Her past was always alluded to, and Impeccable delves into her history. What happened when she was a young child deeply affected Evie and the rest of her family, and the loss she went through is heartbreaking. However, her resilience, determination, and drive to provide for herself persevered.

I love Gregory too! He is kind, caring, and a wonderful match for Evie. Gregory is at a crossroads in his life and is torn between his wants and a promise he made to his now-deceased father. He is uncertain about his future and the path that’s been set out for him, and I think meeting Evie and her friends shows Gregory that he can have happiness and he deserves to be loved. He is so different from his brother and his wife, who are manipulative and conniving. I like that Gregory becomes more sure of himself and his future, and I also love Evie’s role in his growth. They bring out the best in each other and help each other see they have value. They also show each other that the past doesn’t have to define them.

Gregory is innocent and naïve when it comes to courting and sex. Luckily, Evie is experienced and agrees to show him how to flirt and love. The lessons in flirting are sweet and filled with sexual tension, and their lessons in love are steamy!! They have explosive chemistry, and the mix between sweet and steamy is balanced well.

Another character I have to mention is Ash, Gregory and Evie’s dog. He’s so sweet and playful, and his shenanigans are what brought the couple together. There are some really fun and equally sweet scenes with Ash, and he’s a wonderful canine companion.

I also like that the story delved more into Lucien, his relationship with his father, and the Phoenix Club. I was surprised at some of the things we learned about Lucien’s father in this book, and I’m curious how that will play into their strained relationship. I’ve also been curious to learn about the Phoenix Club and its mysterious patrons. After some of the surprise revelations in this book, I NEED the next and final book in the series! Plus, it’s Lucien’s story, and I’ve been dying for him to find happiness, especially when he’s facilitated so much happiness with others!

Special thanks to NetGalley and Zealous Quill Press for providing me with a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The romance.

Favorite Lines:

I think of you when I am awake, I dream of you when I’m asleep, and I long for you in every hour of every day.”

“Life is an endless query and exploration.”

6 thoughts on “Book Review: Impeccable by Darcy Burke

  1. I read and enjoyed one of Burke’s books a good while back, but I haven’t managed to pick another up yet. Glad you’re enjoying this series!

  2. Ooh, I totally missed this one but I’ve been waiting for Evie’s story and I’m so excited knowing that we’re also *finally* getting Lucien’s story 😍 This one sounds really fun, sweet and steamy! I’ll definitely be checking it out. Great review!

      1. He is! And he has such a big heart. I’m really curious how his relationship with his father will also come into play in his story after the ending of this book! I still don’t think I like their dad all that much. 😂

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