Book Review: Her Unforgettable Knight by Melissa Oliver

About the Book:

Title: Her Unforgettable Knight

Author: Melissa Oliver

Series: Protectors of the Crown

Page Length: 288

Publication Date: May 23, 2023

Publisher: Harlequin Historical

Synopsis: She never forgot him…
Can she ever forgive him?

Marguerite never expected to see Savaric again—let alone to have to help him when she finds him outnumbered in a fight. He’s the brooding knight she fell for two years ago…until he left her unexpectedly. Now Marguerite is a hardened spy and wary of trusting him again. But how long can she resist their connection when they must work together to protect the Crown?

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My Review:

Her Unforgettable Knight is a fantastic and swoon-worthy conclusion to the Protectors of the Crown series, and I adored Marguerite and Savaric’s romance! Both characters were introduced in previous books in the series, and I couldn’t wait to read more about them. They had such chemistry, and I knew their story was going to make my heart melt. Between their romance and the heart-pounding mystery they unravel, the story is gripping and entertaining from beginning to end.

Marguerite is fierce, intelligent, and passionate, and she is determined to clear her father’s name and regain her family’s land. She is a stealthy spy too, and she even saves Savaric (and herself) a time or two, much to Savaric’s surprise. She’s a woman who is underestimated, and this helps her gain information that would otherwise be difficult to obtain. She is such a fantastic and dynamically developed character with an interesting backstory, purpose, and life.

Savaric is also very compelling and layered, and he faces many obstacles throughout the story, both internal and external. One of the biggest issues is his heritage. A man of two races, Savaric often faces bigotry and racism, and he is treated and spoken about terribly. His story highlights the prejudice and racism people faced and continue to face because of their background and the color of their skin. In the Author’s Note, Oliver talks about the racism and bigotry people faced in Medieval England, and through Savaric and other minor characters’ experiences, these prejudices are exposed.

Savaric is a member of the Knight’s Fortitude alongside the MMCs from the previous two books. If you read the first two books, A Defiant Maiden’s Knight and A Stolent Knight’s Kiss, you’ll be thrilled to know the main characters in those books have secondary roles in this book. I love all of these characters, and their teasing camaraderie is hilarious. But above all, these men and women always have each other’s backs, and they know they can depend on each other. I love this, especially for Savaric and Marguerite, since neither has others they can depend on. These protectors of the crown form a sort of family, and there are a lot of great messages about loyalty, trust, friendship, and (my favorite) love.

Marguerite and Savaric have a fantastic second-chance romance that starts off quite antagonistic and distrustful. Two years before the start of the story, Savaric spurned Marguerite, and they haven’t seen each other since. Now they must work together to protect the crown from the Duo Dracones, much to their dismay. Marguerite still feels the sting of rejection, and though Savaric was trying to protect her, he hurt her deeply. I loved seeing how they dealt with their issues as they became more open and honest with each other. However, many things keep them apart, and these internal and external conflicts seem insurmountable. Of course, their feelings for each other are undeniable, regardless of how they try to resist them, and you can slice the sexual tension between them with a knife. Marguerite and Savaric have so much chemistry that hearts almost started floating off the page as I read.

Throughout the series, the Knight’s Fortitude tries to unravel a nefarious plot to take over the Crown, and we finally learn who’s behind it. The Duo Dracones has always been a step ahead, but Marguerite and Savaric, with the help of their allies, won’t stop until the traitors are exposed and apprehended. This overarching plot is intriguing and suspenseful, and the high-stakes situation reaches its dangerous and shocking climax in this story. I love how Marguerite and Savaric slowly learn more about the Duo Dracones. They find clues and evidence in unexpected places, and their investigation grows more and more intense as the story progresses. And the ending is so intense! I actually read the final chapters twice just so I could experience the emotional and climactic unraveling.

This is a wonderful ending to an amazing historical romance series, though I expected no less from a Melissa Oliver novel. I always adore her books and the layered and dynamic characters and love stories she creates. And the epilogue is THE BEST – a lovely and perfect ending to the series.

Special thanks to Melissa Oliver for sending me a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!
  • The intrigue and suspense!

Favorite Lines:

Let me be the one who you can turn to.

“We are all but trying to find our way in this world. The only way we can,” he murmured softly and lifted her fingers to his lips. “But let me help you in this. Let me be your champion.”

Without love, what is left?

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