Book Review: Scoundrel for Sale by Courtney McCaskill

About the Book:

Title: Scoundrel for Sale

Author: Courtney McCaskill

Series: Wicked Widows League #8

Page Length: 163

Publication Date: May 2, 2023

Publisher: Hazel Grove Books

Synopsis: He swore he would never touch her…

As his best friend lay dying on the battlefield, Gabriel Davenport made a pair of promises:

– One, that he would make sure Hart’s little sister, Abigail, married another man.
– And two, that Gabe, a notorious rake with a reputation for being a magnificent lover, would never lay a hand on her.

Four years later, Gabe has inherited his great-uncle’s estate, and along with it, his great-uncle’s astronomical debts. He needs to marry an heiress, but there isn’t time to find one. If he can’t produce five hundred pounds immediately, his great-uncle’s creditors are going to seize everything, including his poor great-aunt’s wedding ring.

A scandalous solution…

Gabe can only think of one way to come up with the blunt: put himself up for sale in London’s most notorious bachelor auction. He’ll have to spend the night pleasuring the highest bidder… no matter who it might be.

But what will Gabe do when the unthinkable comes to pass, and the winner of his auction is Abigail, Hart’s now-widowed little sister? It’s his worst nightmare… but also his dream come true. What’s a notorious rake to do?

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My Review:

The eighth novella in the multi-author historical romance series Wicked Widows League, Scoundrel for Sale is a quick, entertaining, and swoon-worthy story about a forbidden romance between Gabriel Davenport and Abigail Hart.

While in battle, Gabriel made two promises to his dying best friend, Hart. First, he would ensure a marriage between Hart’s sister and another man. Second, Gabriel, a known rake and incredible lover, would never touch her. Years later, Hart’s sister Abigail is now widowed and can finally pursue what she wants, and she wants Gabriel. So, she buys him for one night at a bachelor’s auction where Gabriel offers himself to the highest bidder in return for the money to pay off inherited debts. He never expects Abigail, the off-limits sister of his best friend and the woman he’s always loved, to buy him. Can he keep his promises to Hart and resist the only woman he’s ever loved?

Abbie has suffered so much in her life, and I was so rooting for her to find a way out of her awful situation. With a relative of her deceased husband breathing down her neck for more than one reason and not many options before her, Abbie never stops fighting for herself. She’s a survivor, and for years, she tries to eke out some happiness for herself in any way she can, which is why she bids on Gabriel.

And Gabriel…sigh…I love him. Imagine being on the battlefield next to your dying best friend. You’ve loved his sister for years, and he asks you to promise not to touch her. Poor Gabriel! Throughout the story, he really struggles with his feelings and his worth. He battles his feelings for Abbie because of the deathbed promise but also because he doesn’t feel like he’s good enough when he is actually a better man than most. It’s very easy to see why Abbie loves him as much as he loves her, and the fact that Abigail sets out to prove to Gabriel how worthy he is makes me love her even more.

Oh my gosh, the chemistry between Gabriel and Abbie is sizzling! They both have faced so much – death, loss, heartache, financial fears, and being forced into things against their will. They’re so likable and so perfect for each other. I love that they both have loved each other for so long but are only just now realizing the other has the same feelings. I also love that even though Gabriel is widely known as a masterful lover, Abbie is the one to instigate a sexual relationship with him and takes control.

There’s also a bit of drama as Gabriel faces destitution unless he marries a wealthy woman, Abbie may have to marry a man she loathes, and a mystery from the past puts Abigail in danger. Gabriel and Abbie clearly have the cards stacked against them, which makes their forbidden and seemingly impossible happily ever after all the more wonderful.

Special thanks to Courtney McCaskill for sending me a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!
  • The angst.
  • The intrigue.


  • brother’s best friend
  • forbidden romance

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