ARC Review: Earth Storm by Kay L. Moody

Title: Earth Storm

Author: Kay L. Moody

Series: The Elements of Kamdaria (Book 11)

Page Length: 192

Publication Date: Nov. 4, 2020

Publisher: Marten Press

Synopsis: With an impossible task before her, Talise’s strength might not endure.

The barriers between citizens are the last thing standing in the way of gathering for the final battle. Talise vows to destroy the problem, but it’s more difficult than she expected.

She draws on a new, unexpected power. It leaves her weak and desperate for breath. In her weakened state, she sees that even without her direct influence, things are running smoothly.

Her attention turns to the one she loves. But even he seems intent on making things difficult. At a meeting to prepare for the final battle, lines are drawn, and a choice must be made.

She’ll have to accept her duty, or Kamdaria will be forever ruled by revenge.

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My Review:

There’s never a dull moment in The Elements of Kadaria series, and Earth Storm is no exception. As Talise allies with the Kessoku and reunites with her soldiers, she also prepares to break down the walls around the Storm and prepare to defeat the emperor and end his dictatorial reign. Talise learns that, with the help of the amulet, she has a new power that might help her in her quests, and she works hard to develop and perfect her skill.

Talise grows ever-stronger and more certain of her destiny, finding strength in her friends, her people, and her love for her country. I love Talise’s character arc. She’s a strong and determined woman who acts selflessly for the betterment of her people. Of course, her powers continue to amaze me, and I love that she uses them to help others rather than to harm. I also like that she doesn’t rely solely on her incredible power. Talise also uses her intellect and listens to the advice of her closest friends in order to achieve her goals and free her people. She is a true leader, which she proves time and again.

The story is action-packed and intense, and the author continues to surprise me with the many unexpected twists and turns of the story. This is such a suspenseful series, however, some of the calmer scenes are amazing as well. The cemetery scene, for example, was one of my favorite scenes in the book. It was powerful and poignant and reinforced my beliefs about a particular character. This scene made me feel all the feels, as it was heart-warming and heart-breaking all at once. I love how Moody creates such moving and memorable scenes throughout the series!

This is the second-to-last book in the series, and I can’t wait to read the final installment, though I know I’ll suffer from a major series hangover when I’m done. I adore this series and Talise, and I am so rooting for her happy ending. Will she defeat the emperor? Will she lead? What will happen between her and Aaden? Will this couple ever be able to be together? Can Talise protect those she loves while winning their freedom? I can’t wait to find out!! Thanks so much to Kay L. Moody and Marten Press for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Lines:

  • I am who I choose to be.
  • They shared a painful bond that would never leave. But it didn’t have to end them either.
  • Whatever happened in the future, she knew one thing for sure. She would fight for Aaden. Always. By his side until the very end.


This isn’t a standalone, so I would recommend starting with the first book in the series.

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12 thoughts on “ARC Review: Earth Storm by Kay L. Moody

  1. Seeing as this is the 11th book in the series, do these books ever get boring? Ya know, like the same thing keeps happening over and over again? Or is she really that good at spicing up each book?

    1. There are a ton of twists and turns. I haven’t been bored yet. Each book is only about 200 pages long, and each one surprises me. lol The setting varies and the characters go through a ton, but it never feels repetitive. Plus, the shaping powers are so cool!

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