ARC Review: Fire Storm by Kay L. Moody

Title: Fire Storm

Author: Kay L. Moody

Series: The Elements of Kamdaria (Book 12)

Page Length: 214

Publication Date: Nov. 18, 2020

Publisher: Marten Press

Synopsis: The final battle has begun.

With an attack upon her army, Talise barely has the strength to stand.

To win the war, she and her army must imprison the emperor and take his crown.

But with no healer available, the goal looks more impossible by the hour. The emperor’s army is strong and desperate to squash the rebellion. When Talise gets separated from her friends, things only become more dire. For the first time, she has to accept that she might not survive.

But if Talise dies, Kamdaria will be lost forever.

This is the final episode in The Elements of Kamdaria.

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My Review:

In Fire Storm, the final installment of The Elements of Kamdaria series, Talise is severely weakened from using too much power with the amulet. Struggling with a weak heart, Talise and the rebels head to the palace and the final battle against the emperor. Little does Talise know that the emperor has a secret weapon that could destroy everything Talise has worked for. Can Talise defeat the emperor once and for all and bring peace to the people of Kamdaria?

Wow! I can’t believe The Elements of Kamdaria is over! I loved this series, and Talise is easily one of my favorite YA protagonists. Her strength and determination, as well as her ability to inspire and empower, are all highlighted in the story. She learned so much through the course of the series, and she used this knowledge to fight for equality and just treatment. Her actions were admirable and made for an amazing conclusion. I love that Talise never gave up, even when things seemed hopeless.

Messages about physical, emotional, and intellectual strength, as well as the ability to depend on and trust others, are note-worthy. I found it interesting, for example, that Talise was weakened and dependent on others for a lot of this story, as it contrasted with the powerful, strong leader that we’ve come to expect. Her power and energy are drained, her heart is weak, and she is overwhelmed by the immense responsibility that comes with being a leader. However, with the help of friends and supporters (especially Aaden!! I love him!!), Talise perseveres.

Filled with non-stop action, nail-biting suspense, and a little bit of romance, this conclusion is intense! The series ends with several epic fight scenes, as well as many wonderful reconciliations and redemptions. I love that some of the minor characters from previous books made appearances in this book and helped Talise in her quest. I also love that Talise and Aaden found some closure in regards to their families and past hurts. It wrapped up well and included an epilogue that offered a peek into the future for our favorite characters, which was a perfect way to end the story!

Thanks so much to the author and Marten Press for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • Talise. She is fierce and determined and strong and I love her!
  • Aaden. His devotion to Talise…sa-woon!!!
  • The action and shaping continues to amaze me.

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