Book Reviews: A Courtesan’s Worth by Felicity George

About the Book:

Title: A Courtesan’s Worth

Author: Felicity George

Page Length: 336

Publication Date: July 6, 2023

Synopsis: A mistress cannot marry for love…

As one of the famous Preece sisters, Kitty is the most sought-after courtesan in London. But with the vicious Duke of Gillingham scaring away any man who looks her way, securing a new arrangement with a wealthy gentleman will be no easy feat. Kitty’s only hope to find someone suitable is through her loyal and cherished friend, the Reverend Sidney Wakefield.

Sidney has devoted his life to the church, but it was never by choice. He is a writer and Kitty his muse. As he is roped into Kitty’s plotting, he begins to realise that protecting her from the malevolent Duke comes at a price – and it might mean losing Kitty to someone else entirely.

As Kitty and Sidney try to find a way out, it becomes clear that years of friendship have developed into something deeper. Except that they are from different worlds and Kitty’s heart has never been hers to give away…

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My Review:

This is the second book of the Gentlemen of London series, and it is a steamy friends-to-lovers historical romance. Kitty Preece is one of the most famous courtesans in London and is about to enter into a contract with her former lover’s father, the detestable Duke of Gillingham. Desperate to avoid contracting with him, Kitty asks her friend Sidney for help. Reverend Sidney Wakefield has loved Kitty for years, though she has no idea of his feelings. But as the pair work together to find a way to get Kitty out of her upcoming contract, their feelings for each other become difficult to deny. With Sidney’s writing career beginning to take off, he will soon have enough money to help Kitty, but can he convince her they are meant for each other?

The breadwinner of her family, Kitty has a lot of responsibility, of which she is continually reminded, and she can’t make decisions only for herself. Her life is not her own, and she deals with a lot of guilt, self-recrimination, and loathing. Her older sister is a strong force in her life and the person who pushed her into this lifestyle. I found her difficult to like, though Kitty often looks past her sister’s flaws. Luckily, Kitty also has the loyalty and support of her long-time friend Sidney.

Sidney is a hopeless romantic, and he’s been in love with Kitty for years. She is his muse and his dearest friend, and he wants nothing more than to be with her. However, convincing her that she’s good enough for him proves difficult. Though they begin the story as friends, this quickly changes when they kiss, and Kitty starts to see Sidney as much more than a friend. They have so much chemistry, and though their eventual union seems impossible, getting there is pretty steamy!

Thanks to Felicity George for the advanced copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!
  • The characters.

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